Cloud Reign: 1 Provider Bests Them All – By A Lot – Data Shows

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 11/02/2016
Cloud storage

The battle for cloud services grows daily, as companies large and small extend myriad offerings to customers, from private to public, full on-prem or hybrid, IaaS or PaaS, making for an intensely competitive market.

But one stands above the rest as Q3 comes to a close, according to Synergy Research Group, which analyzed data based on global cloud market share.

Amazon Web Services is currently outpacing its nearest three competitors – Microsoft, Google, and IBM – combined. The research showed AWS has a grip on 45% of the Public Infrastructure-as-a-Service market, while the other three combine for just under 20%.

AWS also found itself with a large portion of the Public Platform-as-a-Service market, with slightly more than 30%, while Salesforce, Microsoft, and IBM all combined for just a hair more. That space, however, is expected to heat up, Synergy said.

“While public IaaS is the biggest of the three main cloud segments, public PaaS is growing much more strongly,” the report said. “The database, IoT and analytics sub-segments within PaaS are all growing by 100% or more per year.”

Not to be outdone, Big Blue found itself as a leader in the Managed Private Cloud market, pulling in about 17% of the share, while AWS, Rackspace, and NTT combined for 20%, the data showed.

The cloud storage market is nowhere near plateauing, and a recent forecast predicted the industry would see its value triple between now and 2021, as previously reported by Enterprise Mobility Exchange.

In hard numbers, the prediction showed the cloud storage industry as a whole will grow from a $23.76 billion value to $74.94 billion over the next half decade. See more about the forecast here.

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Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt

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