Considering Cloud? Listen To These Experts

To move to the cloud or not, that is the question for enterprises large and small. And when considering what to do with sensitive data, the decision in this digital transformation space is a daunting one.

Hearing from the experts who have analyzed the market and IT leaders who’ve made the migration can help ease fears and explain best the “who, what, where, why, and how” of assessing a cloud approach.

Jim Degliumberto, CIO of Southeastrans, Inc. was facing those same challenges when considering the cloud for his healthcare transportation company. Degliumberto recently spoke to an audience during an Enterprise Mobility Exchange webinar detailing those challenges, how he was able to get management buy-in, and ultimately the migration journey. Degliumberto was joined by VDC Research Analyst Eric Klein who explained market trends and where cloud fits in the enterprise. 

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