COPE Mobile Device Strategy Helps Leading Organisation Deliver Secure Multimedia Content to Employees

Thursday, January 8, 2015.

As the demand for dynamic, fluid access to business content on mobile devices becomes increasingly high, one leading multimedia news agency, the Press Association (PA), has equipped its journalists with secure smartphones and tablets to collect and submit high-definition photo and video content.

The PA has opted to introduce a COPE mobile strategy (corporate owned, personally enabled), including a range of secure business applications on the devices, aiming to increase the flexibility and efficiency of its employees’ reporting when out in the field.

The PA has also adopted MobileIron Cloud as its EMM platform to support its mobility goals and cloud technology deployments.

David Reed, Head of Information Services and Infrastructure at PA said, "Years ago, our journalists had to dictate stories over the phone. With 4G mobile devices secured by MobileIron, journalists can file a story from a car, a sidewalk, or right at an event; quickly and efficiently."

The COPE device policy adopted by the PA allows employees to jump between personal and professional tasks, whilst corporate assets and information are protected by the MobileIron Cloud EMM solution as the business content is separated from personal emails and data.

"There's no point in having our journalists carry around multiple devices for multiple purposes," said Reed. "MobileIron helps us protect all of the content on our journalists' phones and tablets, regardless of whether it is content for work or personal information. And if a device is lost or stolen, we can remotely wipe all the data in seconds, which does wonders for my peace of mind."

As PA's journalists deliver major news stories across the UK, MobileIron Cloud provides the organisation's IT leadership with the control to proactively recommend any mobile apps that could make their jobs easier. Journalists can then download the apps from a corporate app store, hosted by MobileIron. MobileIron helps maintain the organisational policy that employees may only install apps that are either in the company app store, or approved by Google.

"We had a journalist covering the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. We realised he could get a lot of useful information from the Great Britain team app, so we sent him a text through MobileIron with a link to download the app," Reed continued. "With features like this, our journalists are feeling better equipped to do their jobs. We're envisioning a mobile future where journalists are truly free from the office capturing the stories our customers want."