FBI, Federal Bank Cyber Security Chiefs To Keynote Cloud Security Exchange

Esther Shein

The best and brightest are set to share their insights on the world of Cloud Computing and Security, highlighting a two-day event hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange.

As more users access the Cloud, security in that space becomes a greater business priority each day. Whether they choose public, private or hybrid options, organizations are more frequently turning to cloud as they assess their infrastructure and investment strategies when hardware needs to be refreshed.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange will address the increasingly important issue at its Mobile Cloud Computing and Security” Exchange on Oct. 11-12 in Miami, where some 40 senior executives will detail their cloud security strategies and initiatives. Attendees will hear from opening keynote speaker Nick Savage, Assistant Special Agent In Charge (ASAC) of cyber security with the FBI, who is responsible for the cyber branch of the agency’s Washington D.C. field office and national security cyber investigations.

Savage will discuss the current challenges and concerns related to Cloud security. He will give attendees insight into the strategies successful enterprises are using to remain secure. One of the difficulties many organizations face is getting different departments to work together to ensure security is maintained. Savage will also discuss what needs to happen as workers become increasingly mobile, as well as what the legal challenges are when it comes to mobile cloud and security.

The two-day conference will conclude with a keynote from Arturo Garcia Hernandez, CISO of Bank of Mexico, who will discuss what the future holds for Cloud, including the biggest threats and greatest enterprise security challenges in the next 12 to 18 months. Hernandez will also touch on the role of biometrics in supporting the security of IoT and identity management in the enterprise and what IT must do to continue to secure the entire technology stack.  

The private sector also must face Cloud security challenges, and many organizations are grappling with which model is right for them. Often the solution is to deploy a hybrid approach, which utilizes a blend of public and private clouds. Attendees will hear from Jim Degliumberto, CIO of transportation management provider Southeastrans. Degliumberto will focus on when enterprises should consider a hybrid approach. He will detail specific use cases that make it necessary and how a hybrid model can ensure rapid integration across cloud and on-premises deployments.

Attendees will also hear from organizations on how they have securely migrated to the Cloud and tackled issues including getting management buy-in; understanding the business risks and knowing what questions to ask when it comes to picking a cloud provider; how to secure cloud infrastructure and effectively migrate legacy systems.

Find out more about the event and see the full list of exchange speakers here. Be sure to check the website regularly for updates.