Google Cloud Platform Allows Enterprises to Build, Consume, and Control Network Assets

Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

Leading software-based communications provider Megaport has announced that it has become a Google Cloud Platform Authorised Technology Partner, to offer interconnection services to Google Cloud Platform.

With Google Cloud Interconnect enabled, Megaport users and affiliates will be able to reach the Google Cloud Platform via enterprise-grade connections to Google's network edge, from wherever their data or their consumers reside.

Users can also tie their private data centre directly to the Google Cloud Platform, with a virtual private network, or ‘VPN’ tunnel.

Google Cloud Platform empowers enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google's highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure, offering computing, storage and application services for web, mobile and backend solutions. Additionally, Google Cloud Interconnect allows businesses to connect their infrastructure to Google, via enterprise-grade connections to Google's network edge.

Megaport enables a differentiated reach to Google Cloud Platform, through a fully automated quote, activation, and management platform of network services from a user to Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, Google App Engine, or a variety of other Google Cloud Platform services.
Megaport users can do this in minutes from the Megaportal, or developers can use an advanced set of APIs to write applications that coordinate between their Google Cloud Platform assets and the Megaport Platform.

Megaport offers instant connections between its users and the Megaport fabric, peering, and other resources from independent data centres. By building a private connection directly into the Megaport fabric rather than using the Internet, users will experience better network security and more consistent throughput. Furthermore, Megaport users can take advantage of billing, usage, scaling, and activated services in the same way they consume their cloud assets; pay only for what they use in whatever interval they choose.

"We're very excited to offer Google Cloud Platform, one of the fastest growing and in-demand cloud providers today, to our user community," said Brooke Mouland, Chief Marketing Officer of Megaport.

"Offering enterprises the ability to build, consume, and control their network assets just like they do their cloud assets is really important to us.

"Simple is good, and choice is good. Google Cloud Platform offers both, and our user community can have both in a matter of minutes. Using an orchestrated solution between the cloud, the network, and the enterprise is the best way to fully realise the potential that these new technologies offer."Hostworks is a member of the Megaport user community. The ‘digital roadies’ behind some of Australia's largest digital media brands, Hostworks is excited to work with Megaport as part of its Google Cloud Interconnect solution.

Hostworks has a large team of Google Qualified Developers, and acknowledges that combining the agility of Google Cloud Platform with Megaport's network approach offers even greater speed to market for their clients.

"As a customer of Google Cloud Platform in Australia, we see tremendous value to our clients from Google Cloud Platform. We see advantages for many clients of the power and flexibility of the platform and are very keen to see more clients take advantage of Google's services. Having agile network capabilities will greatly assist client's transition to cloud more efficiently," said Hostworks CEO, Will Berryman.