It's All On The Table: CTO To Lead IT Talk In Miami

When it comes to enterprise IT and the discussions that surround them, Kevin Baradet is always up for a chat. That’s why he’s leading one of Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing and Security roundtables in Miami this October.

Baradet, the Chief Technology Officer and Facilities Director for the Johnson School at Cornell University, will bring a range of topic discussion with him to Miami during the two-day event.

“In these times of cars that can tweet, cell phones that insecurely and automatically download files from the manufacturer and Internet of Things devices that phone home to cloud servers, what can be done to mitigate the risks of information disclosure,” Baradet said. “What are effective ways of educating end-users that they play an important role in the ongoing digital revolution?"

Baradet’s roundtable will touch on a number of topics, including:

  • Data classification and storage policies for assessing risk when moving to cloud providers 
  • Self-phishing to increase the ability of users to recognize email-based threats 
  • Process for vetting new devices to mitigate the risks of information disclosure and providing access points to external threat actors
  • How not to tie your organization into knots and inadvertently create an internal denial of service attack

The roundtable is an opportunity for attendees to swap challenges, solutions, and anecdotes about what their enterprises encountered as the world goes through myriad versions of digital transformation.

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