Leveraging EMM and Private Cloud Infrastructures for Optimum Scalability, Security and Performance

Wednesday, February 4, 2015.

Kaseya, the leading provider of cloud-based IT management software, has announced the availability of Release 9 of its product portfolio.

This latest release delivers a new, comprehensive solution for mobility management, and is accompanied by the launch of Kaseya's new private cloud infrastructure, which boasts unprecedented levels of scalability, security and performance to its cloud customers.

Managing and securing access to corporate data on mobile devices is a huge challenge, particularly in environments where personal devices are increasingly used for business purposes, alongside company-owned devices. Acquiring separate tools for BYOD management and MDM only add to the cost and complexity of mobility management.

Release 9 of Kaseya Enterprise Mobility Management overcomes these challenges, by providing one elegant solution to enable MSPs and mid-market enterprises to efficiently manage and secure company data, across all mobile devices.

Kaseya EMM gives IT administrators a coveted amount of control over company-owned mobile devices, including MAM, along with secure BYOD management capabilities for employee-owned devices, using encrypted containerised applications.

"Kaseya Release 9 will allow us to deliver on our mobility initiatives with the highest levels of security, availability and performance, while also driving significant time savings," said Glenn Kemp, Director of Technical Services for Clear Concepts Business Solutions.

"Because Kaseya's EMM offering is fully integrated with our existing Kaseya management suite and controlled from a single interface, we can achieve automation across all of our clients' devices, both mobile and traditional. The time-savings here will enable us to focus our team's time on the revenue-drivers for our business, and translate directly to our bottom line."

Kaseya EMM offers a fluent interface for mobility management, and integrates seamlessly with IT management solution, Kaseya VSA, so IT administrators can centrally manage all of their devices, PCs, servers, and networks from a single pane of glass. When used together, Kaseya VSA and Kaseya EMM enable rapid user onboarding and higher IT efficiency.

"Empowering a mobile workforce requires a unified approach to provisioning and securing business IT resources, including applications, data, and other services, on any device at any location at any time," explained Steve Brasen, Managing Research Director with analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates. "With the introduction of Release 9 of its flagship management portfolio, Kaseya has integrated key MDM and BYOD capabilities to deliver a centralised management experience that will simplify administrative efforts, while strengthening security and enhancing mobile user productivity."

Release 9 also features the introduction of Kaseya's new private cloud infrastructure, representing a significant investment built from the ground up, with secure technology at its core. Kaseya's private cloud uses state-of-the-science flash memory, enhanced perimeter protection, plus built-in identity and access management, network intrusion detection, system redundancy and quick failover capabilities. The Kaseya cloud now offers scalability, security and performance to the enterprise.

"With the newest investment Kaseya has made in its cloud infrastructure, we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a cloud environment that delivers levels of scalability, security and performance that they simply could not afford to build on their own," said Yogesh Gupta, President and CEO of Kaseya. "And our new EMM product delivers everything needed to manage personal and business devices at a price everyone can afford."

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