Marriott Calls on IBM Cloud for Digital Services and Customer Satisfaction

Friday, February 6, 2015.

IBM has announced that long-standing customer Marriott is adopting IBM cloud technology, to move 80% of its legacy systems to a new ‘hybrid’ cloud infrastructure.

The two organisations will work together on nurturing enhanced IT operations, to help Marriott offer faster digital services to web-savvy guests, and to discern insights about this important traveler cohort for its more than 4,000 properties across the globe.

The hospitality industry is experiencing unprecedented transformation, with much higher demands to meet the needs of next generation travelers, retaining customer loyalty, growing brand reputation and accelerating revenue streams.

The speed of technological advancement has presented many challenges for organisations in this industry, as guest expectations are becoming shaped by their frequent use of social media and mobile devices.
Over its extensive history, Marriott has built a reputation for operational excellence, and continually innovates its products and services to achieve guest satisfaction.

"Marriott continually transforms its technology to ensure we provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests throughout their entire stay," said Bruce Hoffmeister, Global Chief Information Officer of Marriott International. "IBM cloud provides the analytics to see early-stage data patterns and the scale and flexibility to enable timely, innovative new services that will meet guests' expectations in a predominantly digital world."

To maintain its industry-leading stance, Marriott will migrate a significant portion of its core IT systems and applications to IBM's open cloud platform over the next few years.

The SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service provides a flexible, scalable platform, which minimises the necessity of on-site IT support and maintenance. The IBM cloud solution will also enable faster deployment of new Marriott digital capabilities.

IBM will also deliver Managed DevOps Services to enable the development of "born on the cloud" capabilities using their cloud solution. Additionally, Marriott will be deploying IBM analytics software.

"Business leaders are going through one of the most profound changes in the industry, brought on by the need to rapidly transform their business operations in today's digital revolution," said Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud. "Through our powerful enterprise cloud platform, IBM is enabling Marriott’s transformation and global expansion."