Mobile Cloud Computing & Security: Day 1 At The Exchange

It’s about security. It’s about making the right decisions. And most importantly, it’s about protecting your enterprise, data, and personnel.

Dozens of IT executives from across numerous industries gathered Tuesday, October 11 for the first of a two-day event in Miami, Florida, hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange. The event, Mobile Cloud Computing and Security, was scheduled to address the many facets – from challenges to successes – of dealing with those topics.

And on day one, numerous speakers and panel members delivered.

Opening the day was keynote speaker Nick Savage, Acting Assistant Special Agent of Cybersecurity for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, who shed light on just how severe the world of hacking and threats really is. Using global data to support his case, Savage explained to the audience that building blocks must first be put in place to construct a program that will keep threats to a minimum. Not addressing security issues is only going to cost enterprises more in the long run, Savage said.

Those sentiments were echoed by Mike Molinaro, CISO and VP of BioReference Laboratories, Inc. Molinaro pointed to both the healthcare and financial services industries and made it clear: just because your enterprise is compliant does not mean it is secure. In order to have a true security program in place, a foundation must be built, he said, and that includes training all IT staff members along with deploying the proper software – and hardware – to increase productivity and enhance ROI.

The day continued with other speakers, including Jim Degliumberto, CIO of Southeastrans, Inc., and Amy Machi of AT&T, both of whom shed light on the process of switching to cloud services, whether it’s a hybrid solution or a full migration.

The theme for Day One of the exchange was clear: How does an enterprise stay secure when mobility is expanding, data is being moved off-premise with cloud solutions, and endpoints are becoming easier to access?

As was noted during the two-day event in Miami, enterprises are faced with major decisions when it comes to security and data, and what to do with both. Has your enterprise considered a hybrid approach to cloud services? Enterprise Mobility Exchange will be hosting a webinar in November addressing the topic and what the benefits are to your enterprise as it transforms digitally. Learn more about the event here.