SearchYourCloud Delivers Secure Access to Data across Multiple Cloud and Enterprise Platforms

SearchYourCloud has announced the immediate availability of its enhanced search and security mobile application across the App Stores.

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Digital River and for Microsoft on the SearchYourCloud website, the new app enables users to securely and efficiently access their key business data in the cloud.

SearchYourCloud allows users to drop and share files into the cloud store of their choice, directly from their devices, while its patented federated search allows users to perform a single search across all of their internal and external file storage and applications. This includes Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SharePoint and Exchange.

This app will aim to aid the growing number of businesses faced with the challenge of effectively supporting the tools employees use in and out of the workplace, such as mobile devices, while maintaining the required level of security in today's fraud-ridden market.

SearchYourCloud offers unprecedented cloud security, as data and files are transported and stored to the cloud already encrypted to AES 256 standards, and can be securely accessed from any authorised mobile or static device.

Every time a user accesses a document, SearchYourCloud simultaneously encrypts it and updates the in-memory search index, making it the fastest and most secure search engine available. Administrators have absolute control, down to the file level of all access, usage, audit and deletion of files in the system. For additional security, the index and the crucial elements can stand behind the end-user's firewall.

"Business consumers have embraced the trend of using their own mobile devices and various cloud service providers to constantly access and share their work, but these have limited security features, leaving businesses with gaps in how to manage and keep private data and documents secure and easily accessible," says Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud. "The SearchYourCloud solution delivers an improved user experience for these business-critical applications, while dramatically improving enterprise security."