Southeastrans CIO Talks Hybrid Cloud For The Enterprise

After implementing a hybrid cloud approach for Southeastrans, Inc., Jim Degliumberto knows a thing or two about the process – including the pros and cons – and will be presenting those results at Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing & Security event in Miami this October.

Degliumberto, the company's Chief Information Officer, will touch on how a hybrid model ensures rapid integration across cloud and on-premise deployments, as well as probing whether or not enterprises can visualize data connections to understand complex relationships through a hybrid approach.

“I’ll be presenting how Southeastrans is utilizing the cloud to offer new products and services, to increase agility and reduce our company’s dependence of premise-based infrastructure,” Degliumberto said. “In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and transportation management, the ability to move fast is a competitive advantage. Cloud-based infrastructure and services teamed with mobile enabled applications help to accomplish that.”

Operating in the healthcare industry, Southeastrans faces many regulations and restrictions when it comes to data management for the purposes of HIPAA and other legacy contract requirements. Degliumberto will explain how Southeastrans evaluated a variety of factors related to systems, people, and processes in order to determine the best fit.

“Attendees will hear how Southeastrans bridged knowledge-gaps with the technology team to support a hybrid cloud environment,” Degliumberto said. “Ensuring personnel are cloud savvy is critical to ensure systems and services run as planned.”

These and other topics in the Cloud Computing & Security space will be addressed at the event, to be held October 11 and 12 in Miami, Florida. The event will feature 40 CIOs, CISOs, and security directors from across all industries, including keynote speakers and private networking opportunities. Find out more about the event here.

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