Speakers Set The Stage For Mobile Cloud, Security Event In Miami

Some of the biggest names in Mobile Cloud Computing and Security will be heading to Miami this October to discuss the topic at a two-day event hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange.

From keynote speakers to think tanks and roundtable discussions, the Oct. 11 and 12 event in South Beach will be filled with information, networking, and relationship-building among industry leaders in mobile cloud computing and security. Enterprise Mobility Exchange has highlighted some of those speakers in recent weeks, with articles about the IT leader and his discussion at the event.

Here’s just a taste of some of the speakers who will be part of the event:

Southeastrans CIO Talks Hybrid Cloud For The Enterprise

After implementing a hybrid cloud approach for Southeastrans, Inc., Jim Degliumberto knows a thing or two about the process – including the pros and cons – and will be presenting those results at the event.

Global Healthcare Provides Mobile Security Ills

With an enterprise this large, mobile device use to conduct business is a constant, never-ending battle. That’s why Brian Heemsoth, Director of Software & Mobile Security at Aetna, took to the frontlines and deployed an enterprise-wide weapon in the war against cybersecurity.

It’s All On The Table: CTO To Lead IT Talk In Miami

When it comes to enterprise IT and the discussions that surround them, Kevin Baradet is always up for a chat. That’s why he’s leading one of Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing and Security roundtables in Miami.

Big Challenge, Bigger Win: CISO Nurses Company’s IT Back To Health

When Shawn Wiora took over as CIO and CISO of the largest independent nursing home company in Texas, he was faced with a plethora of IT challenges that would need to be drastically transformed.

Security Challenges Just A Speed Bump For BYOD-Focuses Enterprise

Global tire manufacturer Michelin has a presence in 171 countries and more than 111,000 employees worldwide. Making any significant change on a large scale within the company is a massive undertaking.

The Exchange will include CIOs, CISOs, and security directors from across all industries, including keynote speakers and private networking opportunities. Find out more about the event here