Infographic: Digital Transformation Outlook In 2019

The Current State Of IT

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Steven Lerner

2019 is poised to be a year of change in digital transformation. There are new IT projects in the enterprise that could impact every aspect of an organization.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange recently surveyed its audience of IT leaders to understand the current state of the industry and to provide an outlook for 2019. The overall results of the survey were published in the annual report on digital transformation. Enterprise Mobility Exchange created an infographic highlighting the most pressing results from the survey that IT leaders need to know about. Overall, digital transformation leaders are optimistic, especially with innovative technologies coming to the enterprise.

What Keeps IT Leaders Up At Night?

There are always going to be complications that worry IT leaders. In 2019, there are some specific challenges, and IT leaders identified them in the survey. The infographic highlights the results of this survey question. Based on the results, it is clear that there are both external and internal challenges that IT leaders have to deal with.

Top Investment Areas

It is truly a remarkable time in the enterprise due to the influx of new technologies. This infographic reveals the leading technology investment areas for 2019. Investments are poised to increase this year due to enlarged budgets for IT projects.

“Budgets are always driven by the strategic direction the business wants to go in,” said Rizwan Jan, vice president and chief information officer at The Henry M. Jackson Foundation.

Who Is Pushing Digital Transformation Initiatives?

It is always an interesting dynamic to see who is advocating for digital transformation initiatives in each enterprise. In some organizations, the IT department is the leading voice for projects, but sometimes corporate management is pushing the initiatives. This infographic reveals the leading proponents behind most projects across the industry.

Challenges In Mobility And Cloud

Although a majority of enterprises are focused on expanding initiatives with mobility and cloud, there are also many complications. The survey results about the biggest challenges with mobile strategies and cloud computing are in this infographic.

“There are several challenges in terms of mobility strategies,” said Edwin Yuen, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. “The first is application development, where traditional desktop/web applications are increasingly being updated. Enterprises need to ensure that their mobile application development stays in synchronization, and making sure that the UX stays consistent. Decisions will also need to be made in terms of balancing mobile specific applications and the push for adaptive web applications for mobile. All this is impacted by the continued adoption of CI/CD for application development and ensuring that mobile applications are part of that rapid development process.”

New Technologies In The Enterprise

Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) are among the newest solutions in IT. How many enterprises are actually leveraging them, or are planning to do so in 2019? Check out the infographic to see all of the results.

Want To Learn More About Digital Transformation In 2019?

Read more about the top enterprise technology investments and biggest challenges in Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s annual survey report on digital transformation.