Amazon, VMWare Reportedly Collaborating On Cloud Software

In what would be a collaboration of epic cloud proportions, market leader Amazon Web Services is reportedly working with software provider VMWare to make using public data center storage easier to use and more attractive for businesses currently utilizing private servers.

The alliance would focus on hybrid cloud users – those who segregate portions of their data between private and public cloud centers – and aid them in putting more of their data in the public space, where AWS leads all companies.

Both companies formed an alliance in Q4 of 2016, when VMWare’s virtualization technology was used to run applications on any combination of private or hybrid cloud environments for AWS users.

It’s been noted that despite AWS’s remarkable market share, many large enterprises still keep swaths of data private due to compliance and regulations, not to mention overall angst of security issues by not having that sensitive information in a personally-controllable environment.

Essentially, the possible VMWare software and AWS data center marriage would allow enterprises more flexibility and ease of cloud migration from private to public storage, according to a report in The Information.

Amazon finished Q1 of 2017 with more than $3.5 billion worth of the overall public cloud market share, leading the likes of Microsoft’s Azure, Google, and IBM. While Microsoft had the second largest market share during the same time period, it was a distant second, with less than $1.5 billion.

Whether it’s public, private, or hybrid, cloud remains the key defining factor in digital transformation. It was named the top priority by IT executives across all industries in 2017 in Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s recent survey for its Industry Insight 2017: The State Of Enterprise Mobility global report, which can be seen here.

There’s an inherent juxtaposition, however, as just 19% of those same survey respondents admitted to fully implementing their cloud strategy.

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