AWS re:Invent Isn’t Just About Cloud In Your Enterprise

Now entering its sixth year, “re:Invent,” the Amazon Web Services (AWS) event to be held in Las Vegas, is scaling the same way the solution offering has in the last decade.

Once confined to just the Venetian back in 2012, this year’s event is spread through a handful of hotels and other locations on The Strip, touting 1,000 agenda items between Nov. 26 and Dec. 1. And while AWS is inherently about cloud and cloud computing, that data point is now just a piece of the event’s foundation, as Amazon looks to stretch itself across multiple – if not all – enterprise technologies.

This may not be the event for c-level folks who oversee the technology initiatives in their company, but all the employees who are head-down making the bells and whistles operate on those teams will have more than enough learning opportunities to bring back to the office. Of course, decision makers can certainly learn a lot from the event, which offers keynotes from Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels and AWS CEO Andy Jassy.

But a deeper look at re:Invent shows it’s not just about cloud anymore. Rather, the event has a plethora of hackathons and “gameday” scenarios that test skills “as you work to efficiently scale and deploy an application that meet the demands of the connected world and still conquer threats from both inside and outside your company,” one sessions reads.

One of Amazon’s lynchpins of success, however, isn’t cloud-focused, and brings with it a new look at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Alexa, the voice-activated digital assistant, has become a piece of the Amazon fabric, but many believe the company still falls behind competitors Microsoft and Google when it comes to these specific technologies.

It’s because of that re:Invent will spend a good amount of time focusing on AI announcements and operations, as the company trends toward integrating future technologies into everything it offers, both on the enterprise and consumer side.

The event’s sponsors lines up as a who’s who of industry behemoths, from cloud to security and everything intersecting the two. Tech giants like AT&T, Cisco, Salesforce, VMWare, and Intel are just a handful of the dozens upon dozens of partners from the event. Companies on hand aren’t just about the cloud, either, and range in space from Big Data to IoT to Mobile, just to name a few.

Annual tech industry events like VMWorld, RSA, and Mobile World Congress continue to allure the masses, but based on re:Invent’s need to scale across multiple venue and create such a wide swath of offerings, AWS’s premier conference may be moving as quickly as the technology itself.