Enterprise Mobility In Memes: The Lighter Side Of Tech

The daily rat race in information technology is filled with catching up, slowing down, and marrying innovation with disaster recovery. And that’s just a single day!

It’s refreshing to have crack a smile or even laugh once in a while, so Enterprise Mobility Exchange is providing a quick-hit list of some hilarious memes that should have you grinning on even the busiest of days. 

Now let's take a look at the lighter side of IT.

EME Meme 1

The proof is in the pudding. Right, security pros?

EME Meme 2

Your mobile device is plugged in so much it may as well be a landline.

EME Meme 3

No, seriously, secure those mobile devices. ASAP. 

EME Meme 4

Every day. It's the word of the day EVERY DAY.

EME Meme 5

Your enterprise has a big, red bull's eye on it. 

EME Meme 7

You feel empty inside when it dumps out, don't you?

EME Meme 8

And that's why there's Cloud-as-a-Service models. 

EME Meme 9

It means everything, basically.