In Cloud Race, Google & Cisco Form New Team

In the fight to win the cloud services market, two tech giants are teaming up to push forward and supplant Amazon for most-used offering.

Google Cloud and Cisco announced this week a partnership that will deliver a hybrid cloud solution that enables applications and services to be deployed, managed and secured across on-premises environments and Google Cloud Platform.

“Together, we’re working on a complete solution to develop, run, secure and monitor workloads, enabling customers to optimize their existing investments,” said Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partners at Google Cloud, in a blog post. “Developers will be able to create new applications in the cloud or on-premises consistently using the same tools, runtime and production environment.”

Thanks to Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), all cloud service providers are looking up at the competition, as the online retail giant has a major foothold with its public cloud offerings. Amazon’s success comes not from better product, per se, rather its pioneer work in the space. The so-called “experiment” began in 2006, a full half decade before any other tech giant sought to create a cloud service, therefore making it the only kid on the block and capturing an audience in need early on.

In 2016, the AWS business piled up more than $12 billion in revenue. While its early services began as an inexpensive way for developers to create or host websites, AWS now claims behemoth corporations like Comcast, Netflix, Hess, and the CIA as customers.

So while it can sometimes be a bit head-scratching to see major companies with similar offerings – even competitors in the same space – come together to collaborate, the race to the cloud has a different outlook, hence the Cisco and Google partnership.

“Our partnership with Google gives our customers the very best cloud has to offer – agility and scale, couple with enterprise-class security and support,” said Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco. “We share a common vision of hybrid cloud world that delivers the speed of innovation in an open and secure environment to bring the right solutions to our customers.”

This is Cisco’s second major cloud announcement of the week, after it acquired 19-year-old cloud-services company BroadSoft for $1.9 billion. After the announcement was made, Cisco outlined its reason for targeting BroadSoft:

“We chose BroadSoft as it provides a portfolio of cloud collaboration platforms and business applications, which strengthen our cloud investments and ability to deliver collaboration solutions to our global telecom provider customers. Following the close of the acquisition, Cisco and BroadSoft will provide a comprehensive SaaS portfolio of cloud based unified communications, collaboration, and contact center software solutions and services for customers of all sizes.”

Google Cloud hasn’t been sitting on its hands either, as it acquired Bitium earlier this month to focus on enterprise-wide identity management and access tools, including single-sign on for cloud-based apps.

Learn more about that acquisition here