State Of Enterprise Mobility, Symantec Tops July Headlines

From global reports to huge business acquisitions in the mobile security space, July was a month for incredible IT industry news and analysis. Below is a list of the top five posts that appeared on Enterprise Mobility Exchange during the last month. Click on the individual headline to read each report.

Industry Insight 2017: The State Of Enterprise Mobility
Compiling data from a month-long survey and expert analysis from industry thought leaders, Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s State of Enterprise Mobility report unpacked the 2017 IT landscape and uncovered new truths while discovering future trends and forecasts. Download the free report to get an inside look of the current state of enterprise information technology.

Cloud Is Steering The Digital Transformation Journey
As digital transformation continues to envelope the enterprise, some technology needs aren’t exactly moving as quickly as the headlines would tell you, while mainstays are becoming more important than ever to keep up with the industry competitors. Cloud has made itself the clear reason, and need, for successful digital transformation.

Symantec Acquires Fireglass For Ransomware Security
After months of malware and ransomware spikes consumed cybersecurity headlines, solution provider Symantec bet big on stopping those threats with the acquisition of Israel-based Fireglass. Less than two weeks later, Symantec swooped up mobile security phenom Skycure to round out its total endpoint protection programs.

Enterprise Mobility: The Time For Mobile-Only Is Now
Mobile device use in the enterprise has moved from a Jetsons-like mindset – shiny objects from the future – to a key pillar in digital transformation and enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Mobile Transformation Required For Employees To Succeed
In an upside-down pyramid workflow, the need for enterprise mobility is driven by the employee. They’ll feel most comfortable, productive, and efficient using whichever technology affords them those capabilities, and it’s up to the decision-makers to follow through with those objectives.