At VMworld 2018, Look For The Hidden Gems

A Diverse Selection Of Services At VMworld

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Steven Lerner

On August 28, several big name speakers headlined VMworld 2018. The General Session Keynote featured activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafza. IBM showcased skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Rubrik welcome NBA champion Klay Thompson.

Although these “big” celebrity names generate the most buzz, attendees shouldn’t sleep on some of the lesser-know — but important —parts of VMworld. Here are three hidden gems at VMworld 2018 uncovered by Enterprise Mobility Exchange that organizations should be aware of.

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There is a gap right now where enterprises are moving and adopting public cloud and essentially have become a hybrid state, with part of the workload remaining in the enterprise. This creates numerous security and compliance challenges for enterprises that need to be fixed. Caveonix is an intent-based cloud workload protection platform designed to handle challenges with hybrid cloud. After forming in 2017, Cavenoix was formally presented to the industry at VMworld 2018. Its CEO, Tim Sullivan, and the President and CTO, Kaus Phaltankar, told Enterprise Mobility Exchange that they have received a “phenomenal” reaction from the attendees in Las Vegas.

Upon launching, Caveonix recruited several big names in the industry to join the board and invest in the company, including Tom Noonan — former CEO of Internet Security Systems — and Tom McDonough — former CEO of SourceFire. These leaders represent the past generation of cyber security, and now they are focused on helping Caveonix lead the next generation of the industry.

Enterprises need to have both sides of the picture covered from a hybrid cloud perspective. Whereas some solutions in the market are only focused on the public cloud, Caveonix focuses on hybrid cloud workloads in the enterprise. It also helps enterprises prevent security issues from occurring by understanding where the issues are as workloads get deployed in the cloud, and by understanding their current risk posture based on threat data. Caveonix provides continuous visibility of hybrid cloud workloads, applications, flows, and security policies. It takes a proactive approach towards cybersecurity and compliance risk mitigation.

Robin Systems

Some organizations are struggling with a distributed, data-heavy application, which can be extremely painful to deal with. When it comes to big data, enterprises deal with numerous potential complications. Some enterprises struggle to deal with spikes and growths, some struggle to provide developers with data access, and some organizations try to quickly deploy the entire data pipeline.

Robin Systems, one of the hidden gems at VMworld, is trying to bring an app store experience to big data and databases. Its goal is to help organizations deploy data with a single click. CEO Premal Buch told Enterprise Mobility Exchange that their end users include tech professionals responsible for data infrastructure.

Over three years ago, Robin System was founded with the vision of simplifying the big data experience. While it is a horizontal platform, Robin Systems has worked with some specific industries, such as finance and insurance.


When an enterprise releases a new application and pushes it into the cloud, the question looms: how does the organization know how well it is working? What happens when an enterprise’s most important system is down and it doesn’t realize this? Many organizations can’t afford to hire more eyeballs to stare at screens, waiting for something blinking to turn red.

When these pain points arise, this is where SolarWinds — one of the gems at VMwatch — can step in and help. As a provider of powerful IT infrastructure management software, SolarWinds give organizations the power to monitor and manage the performance of their IT environments. They cover everything from servers and network devices to internet connected coffee pots.

SolarWinds is not about tomorrow’s buzzwords — they solve today’s real problems in the workplace. Going beyond just telling organizations what is broken, SolarWinds tells enterprises if the technology is performing at suboptimal levels. The team at SolarWinds is able to provide recommendations based on the collection of data and analytics. When downtime is caused by an expected or uncontrolled change, SolarWinds provides a tool that tells organizations about changes within the hardware and files.

Despite the name of the company, it doesn’t really have anything to do with actual solar winds. The company was founded by network engineers in 1999 who really liked astronomy. Today, SolarWinds provides services for a wide range of customers, including small and large enterprises. It also controls an online community called THWACK where IT professionals discuss important issues.

The Takeaway

VMworld offers many eye-catching opportunities for the industry. Enterprises looking to find a variety of important services should focus on the hidden gems at VMworld.