Extreme Networks Launches Cloud-Managed Networking Platform

Simon Barton

Extreme Networks recently announced its cloud-managed networking platform, ExtremeCloud, designed for zero-touch provisioning and management simplicity. Network transformation is complex. Planned and designed for the years to come, this transformation needs to consider both today's requirements and unforeseeable changes in business needs.

To enable investment protection while allowing organisations to adapt and transform without expensive re-architecture and rip-and-replace, ExtremeCloud Switches and Wireless Access Points use the same hardware and firmware whether managed on-premise or from ExtremeCloud. Combined with Extreme Networks' unique flow-based application capabilities, ExtremeCloud empowers organisations with an application-driven infrastructure capable of ensuring an optimum user experience with a very simple management interface.

In today's connected world, organisations are under pressure to meet the demand for ubiquitous connectivity and outstanding user experience, while gaining greater insights and control over user behavior to support their business. These stringent requirements drive the need for cloud-managed networking.

As a pioneer in the wireless and enterprise networking space, Extreme brings its 20 year pedigree in building resilient and secure enterprise class wireless and wired products to its cloud-managed networking capabilities. Now, Extreme can help mission critical networks around the world address complex user-dense environments by embracing the cloud.

ExtremeCloud Key Facts

ExtremeCloud is purpose-built to expand and contract dynamically as businesses transform. Specific benefits include:

• Increased Performance of Business Applications – ExtremeCloud's flow-based architecture allows for faster data processing with the industry's most granular application visibility and control. ExtremeCloud uniquely empowers customer infrastructure to seamlessly identify and prioritise targeted business applications while containing and constraining unwanted applications.

• Pay-as-You Grow – For transformative IT departments that partner internally to help grow a business, ExtremeCloud's management solution resides securely in the publicly-accessible cloud to allow departments to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, deliver more services more efficiently, and contribute savings to the bottom line.

• Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) – Brings simplicity to infrastructure deployments so changes to evolving infrastructure are not locally required. ZTP is firewall friendly and allows wired or wireless devices to automatically locate ExtremeCloud, instantly configure and be fully operational without the risk and burden of reconfiguring local infrastructure.

• Flexibility to Manage Same Hardware & Firmware in Cloud or On-Premise – The ExtremeCloud portfolio offers wired and wireless hardware and firmware that can seamlessly operate via ExtremeCloud or traditional on-premise management. This eliminates architecture lock-in and allows customers to move from cloud to on-premise (or vice versa) without expensive hardware and software rip-and-replace.

• Simplicity – ExtremeCloud inherits years of on-premise managed wired/wireless experience to deliver easy deployment and a simple unified wired/wireless management experience.

• Latest Technology – ExtremeCloud makes it easier and more affordable for businesses to adapt and stay current with the newest Wi-Fi technologies such as the industry's first flow-based 802.11ac Wave 2 access points.

Executive Perspectives

Nolan Greene, Senior Research Analyst, IDC

"IDC forecasts spending on public cloud services to grow at rates several times higher than overall IT spending growth. Extreme has focused on creating a cloud networking solution for the enterprise that taps into that growth. By using the same hardware and firmware for the cloud as the on-premise solution, Extreme delivers users increased flexibility and investment protection as well as built in analytics."

Devin Akin, Principal Wi-Fi Architect, Divergent Dynamics Inc.

"Extreme Networks' entry into Wi-Fi cloud management offers a clean, intuitive user experience that is ready for production networks. I readily recommend ExtremeCloud to mid-market and distributed enterprises."

Ed Meyercord, President & CEO, Extreme Networks

"Today's leading organisations leverage their network as a platform to engage both staff and customers. Because of this, increased dependency combined with the need for pervasive connectivity are driving businesses to embrace a cloud-based management model. To address these needs and empower IT, Extreme is entering the cloud-based network management market as a mature organisation with years of experience in building and managing enterprise-class wired and wireless networks and addressing connectivity challenges throughout the world."