Palo Alto Networks Enhances Breach Prevention To The Cloud

Simon Barton

Palo Alto Networks, a next-generation security company, recently announced advancements to its Next-Generation Security Platform that’s designed to extend its breach prevention capabilities and address the security needs of businesses working with cloud-based environments and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

The demand for organisations to become ever more agile is driving a change in the way business applications are developed, deployed, and adopted. Workloads and data are increasingly distributed across physical and cloud computing environments. This changes the threat landscape and increases the risk of exposure to cyberattacks, which is compounded by the limitations of legacy security products that were not designed for this distributed, cloud-based infrastructure.

Palo Alto Networks is addressing these challenges in PAN-OS® 7.1. This version of the operating system extends the breach prevention capabilities of the security platform to all major clouds and provides visibility, control, and threat prevention designed to protect customer dat. Additionally, among the new features are certificate and two-factor authentication advancements that help protect user credentials or neutralise them if they are stolen.

Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity, IHS Technology states: "As organisations continue to embrace the cloud and SaaS for workloads and data, it's crucial that security solutions keep pace. The capabilities introduced in this new release of PAN-OS provide scalable visibility, control, and threat prevention and offers the deployment flexibility required by today's distributed organisations and their employees."

This was echoed by Lee Klarich, EVP, Product Management at Palo Alto Networks: "Enterprises require consistent security regardless of where their applications reside. The latest release of PAN-OS addresses new challenges presented by the cloud, enabling organisations to take advantage of agile cloud-based infrastructure and applications while maintaining a consistent security posture."

The main advantages of the product include:

Secure Any Cloud

By adding Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V support for the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and by enhancing VM-Series auto-scaling support in AWS, organisations can achieve a scalable security architecture that enables consistent prevention measures to be deployed from the network, to the public and private cloud, and to the remote user. 

Embrace SaaS

With the release of PAN-OS 7.1 and the newest update to Aperture, Palo Alto Networks adds to its extensive SaaS application capabilities to safely enable Office 365™ deployments. 

Accelerate Preventative Action With Threat Intelligence

With new capabilities supported in the WildFire threat prevention and AutoFocus threat intelligence services, and PAN-OS, organisations can discover zero-day malware targeting the Mac OS X platform and prevent attacks with the global WildFire feed, now published every five minutes. PAN-OS 7.1 now fully supports Mac OS X signatures and the ability to send Mac OS X files to the cloud. AutoFocus now can add context to every attack and make threat intelligence actionable across the organisation.

Prevent Breaches With Secure User Credentials

By streamlining the user experience associated with two-factor authentication in GlobalProtect mobile security, organisations can neutralise stolen user credentials. Additionally, enhancements to WildFire and PAN-DB help prevent identity theft from happening in the first place by stopping known and unknown attacks and preventing phishing attempts.