Zebra Unveils "Worry-Free" Cloud Networking Solution

Mike McEnaney

Zebra Technologies Corp. has announced the Azara cloud-managed WLAN solution which combines the functionality of Zebra's enterprise-grade WiFi with the simplicity and flexibility of managing the WLAN infrastructure from the cloud. With Azara, businesses can leverage the same enterprise access points (APs) used for on-premise WLAN and manage them from the cloud, protecting their hardware investment and providing the flexibility to migrate to and from a cloud-managed deployment. 

A Few Key Azara Facts:

  • Built from the ground up, Azara provides enterprise-class WLAN with policy enforcement, application visibility and control, site survivability, wireless intrusion prevention services (WIPS), and Smart (adaptive) RF with a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Azara empowers partners to provision and manage WLAN services for all of their customers from a unified dashboard with the ability to personalize the service.
  • Businesses can get up and running for a minimal investment in time and cost because Azara supports the WiNG 5 architecture – eliminating the need for hardware controllers while offering optimal WiFi coverage and performance.
  • Zebra NSight network analytics and service assurance platform is fully integrated into Azara and provides network visualization, historical trends and analytics.
  • Azara is risk free – offering 100% survivability in the event of wide area network (WAN) link failure. Supporting all Zebra enterprise-grade 802.11ac APs and switches, Azara can be centrally managed with a secure connection over the Internet.

"As a managed service provider, we want to give our clients the best solutions. Azara is the best cloud networking solution available. It is easy to install, easy to use and 100 percent reliable," explained Adam Casgar, President, Coastal Computer Consulting LLC. "In addition, with the Zebra NSight platform, we're able to manage all of our clients' wireless networks from a single, intuitive console. Our ticket management has significantly decreased and our clients are very happy with the performance and ease of Azara."                                         

Imran Akbar, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Zebra Technologies added, "For decades, Zebra has powered some of the world's largest distributed WLAN networks, helping enterprises run their mission-critical operations. Zebra's cloud-based network management for enterprise-class wireless infrastructure is field-proven and offers flexibility and confidence to businesses that are embracing the cloud. After all, the cloud is just another delivery model; there is no need to compromise on scale, stability, functionality or performance."