Cloud Strategy Streamlined: Optimizing Enterprise Options

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Cloud consumption in the enterprise has evolved from just a consideration to an essential pillar of digital transformation. So when a company fully migrates to the cloud, how can it progress its workloads and DevOps for maximum usage and productivity?

Not all cloud service providers are created equal. Some are great at data storage; others have expertise in aiding development, and businesses need the best of all worlds. That’s where the new multi-cloud architecture is bringing rapid changes to the options laid out before an IT administrator.

In this report, titled, “Cloud Strategy Streamlined: Optimizing Enterprise Options,” you’ll learn:

  • Which cloud models are most used, and show to be most efficient
  • Consistent cloud challenges being faced by IT administrators
  • The difference between multi-cloud architecture and single-cloud

Download the full report to learn more about the latest in cloud capabilities.