IBM and Apple's 10 Mobile Apps to Transform the Enterprise

The first 10 mobile apps have been released to launch IBM and Apple's MobileFirst range, which is expected to include around 100 applications designed to improve employee productivity and streamline business processes.

Mobile apps have transformed the way people do business forever; even having such an impact as creating brand new markets altogether.

However, there are still boundaries to be pushed in terms of their transformative potential within the business environment, and that's exactly what IBM MobileFirst for Apple has been designed to achieve.

IBM and Apple have worked together to develop a range of business-specific mobile apps exclusively for iOS devices. These apps will ease organisational challenges such as BYOD and data security concerns, whilst delivering an enhanced level of efficiency to users.

The first 10 mobile apps which have been released are aimed to serve transportation companies, banks and financial institutions, retailers, telcos, insurance companies and even the public sector. They will be customised for each enterprise, with MobileFirst's initial users including Citi and Air Canada.

One of the men responsible for this ground breaking offering featured as the Opening Keynote speaker at October's Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Las Vegas. Fred Balboni, Global Managing Partner, Strategy and Analytics for IBM Global Business Services gave a detailed overview to the partnership and the shared vision of the united technology giants.

Fred was also kind enough to sit down and speak to us one-on-one at the Exchange, revealing what, in his opinion, makes this partnership so exciting for the enterprise market, and providing some insight into more general trends currently affecting Enterprise Mobility.