Amazon, Red Hat Partnership Huge For Enterprises

Gone are the days when tech companies looked to each other exclusively as competitors, and the new generation of solution providers now focuses on collaboration and enhancement.

Such is the case with Red Hat and Amazon Web Services, which recently announced a major meeting of the minds that will give end users a wealth of tools from which to operate and utilize.

While the two aren’t competitors, all service providers are aiming at enterprise customers to use their offerings in large, scalable settings. Red Hat announced its OpenShift Container Platform will now integrate access to native AWS services, making the cloud platform available through the Red Hat’s PaaS. Those AWS products include Aurora, Redshift, EMR, Athena, CloudFront, Route 53, and Elastic Load Balancing.

So what’s so important about this for enterprise users?

Amazon Web Services boasts millions of users and is the world’s leading cloud provider for both enterprises and consumers. Red Hat’s OpenShift is a container platform deployed to mobile devices in the enterprise to create a more secure work environment.

OpenShift allows developers to create, test, and deploy within the container, which will now be enhanced by the AWS offerings. Red Hat claims large enterprise customers across multiple industries, including FICO and ING; Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Bayer Business Services to name a few.

Collaboration is nothing new, especially amongst tech giants. AT&T recently announced it would be moving entire petabytes of data over to Oracle’s cloud. In that announcement, AT&T said it would cut costs and “enable AT&T to gain new flexibility in how it implements SaaS applications across its global enterprise.”

AT&T also agreed to implement Oracle’ Field Service Cloud that will allow the former to optimize its scheduling and dispatching to more than 70,000 field technicians. Learn more about the collaboration here