Company-Wide Collaboration Through Calendar Apps Reduces Costs

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 06/17/2015
Company-Wide Collaboration Through Calendar Apps Reduces Costs

PGi, a dedicated provider of collaboration software and services, today announced a new enterprise package for its iMeet Agenday smart calendar application.

Having recently won the first Appy Award for Wearables, iMeet Agenday will now be made available for enterprise-wide deployments, to help companies save costs on mobile conferencing, improve workforce productivity, deliver company-wide announcements and many more benefits.

iMeet Agenday is PGi's will combine all calendars automatically, allowing users to easily navigate a consolidated view of all their personal and professional activities.

The app will display one easy-to-read daily schedule provide capabilities for users to join online meetings, dial into conferences, call a group of people, send 'running late' alerts, access turn-by-turn driving directions and so on.

iMeet Agenday will also be able to poll attendees of meetings to find the most suitable times, and automatically update while working remotely, letting sales professionals log sales calls and add contacts directly from the app, for example.

Advantages which enterprises will be able to gain from their employees using apps of this nature include saving money on mobile calls, the efficiency of sending company-wide announcements, and a seamless management experience across the organisation.

"With tens of thousands of individual users choosing iMeet Agenday to manage their schedules and seamlessly join mobile meetings, it is clear to us that businesses can also greatly benefit from deploying this powerful app as part of their [unified communications and collaboration] strategy," said David Guthrie, CTO, PGi. "By bringing the value of iMeet Agenday to the entire enterprise, PGi helps our customers drive real value and cost savings, with new features designed to help businesses get the most out of their increasingly mobile workforces."

In addition to its award-winning smart calendar mobile app, PGi's expanding iMeet portfolio of unified communications and collaboration products includes all-in-one web, video and audio conferencing and webcasting.

PGi also recently announced the integration of iMeet into many leading video room systems and end-points, extending the utility of an organisation's video investments to any desktop or smart mobile device.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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