Leading Spanish Bank Uses Enterprise Mobility to Achieve Greater Analysis and Insight

Tuesday, February 24, 2015.

It has been announced that Banco Mare Nostrum (BMN), a leading Spanish bank with headquarters in Madrid, has implemented MicroStrategy as its enterprise analytics standard to drive analysis and insight for almost 5,000 employees.

MicroStrategy Incorporated is a global provider of enterprise software platforms, and will support BMN's 818 branch locations, 4,700 workers and three million customers with its solutions.

BMN will leverage MicroStrategy to build interactive dashboards that will be used by the bank's steering committee, board of directors, and executive management for reporting, analysis, and distribution of high-value, actionable information.

BMN will also in the process of deploying an operational dashboard for its employees to analyse branch activity and react to trends and outlier data quickly using mobile devices.

"After evaluating the various analytics tools in the market, we selected MicroStrategy for its ability to satisfy business user requirements across all our branch locations, while also fulfilling our IT needs," said Alfredo Lozano, Distribution Manager for Banco Mare Nostrum.

"In our opinion, MicroStrategy Mobile is the best mobile solution in the market to mobilise our existing operational and information systems. It empowers our bank managers and employees with transactional capabilities to interact with our operational data in real-time. Our iPad users have extensive functionality at their fingertips to access beautiful and interactive dashboards that deliver advanced insight in seconds.

"After deploying MicroStrategy Mobile in September 2014, we have seen an intensive and widespread acceptance of the solution, changing how we conduct business with our customers and boosting overall productivity."

Many feel that mobility will be a crucial step for financial services organisations, and it appears that BMN is well aware of the advantages that such technology can deliver.

"In addition to the explosion of data, the threat of cyber-attacks, and the expansion of regulatory controls, financial services providers around the world are accelerating how they leverage new technologies such as analytics, mobile, and security solutions to reshape how they design and deliver value-added products and services to consumers," said Paul Zolfaghari, President, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

"MicroStrategy helps leading financial institutions, including BMN, successfully address these challenges. MicroStrategy Mobile empowers decision makers to access user-friendly reports and analytically-rich dashboards on their mobile devices to achieve superior customer service and improve operational efficiencies."