What Were the Top 10 Investment Priorities for Enterprise Mobile Solutions in 2014?

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 12/18/2014
What Were the Top 10 Investment Priorities for Enterprise Mobile Solutions in 2014?

Earlier this year, we surveyed almost 300 senior-level enterprise IT and mobility professionals, asking what their views on the investment priorities for enterprise mobile solutions have been within the market over the past 12 - 18 months, and what issues surround these investments.

The responses from practitioners regarding their goals, challenges, drivers and interests in mobility were particularly interesting, and give a good overview on what technologies have shaped the market this year.

The top area of investment in mobile technology for practitioners over 2014 was unsurprisingly mobile applications, which was also the dominant force in the enterprise in 2013.

Interestingly, the next most popular response from 2013 (Consumer Devices, BYOD) fell significantly down the pecking order in 2014. Instead, this year enterprises looked to the management of their employees' devices as an area of high importance, with MDM ranking equally alongside mobile and enterprise security as the next most important solutions to invest in.

The main motivation behind these investments in mobility was identified as increasing productivity. It appears productivity is viewed as the clear and most significant benefit an organisation can gain from embracing mobile technology, as 67.9% of respondents opted to include it in their answers, which was a great deal higher than any other drivers included.

However, the challenges behind implementation of these solutions are far more difficult to separate among the practitioner community, as integration with legacy systems, securing stakeholder buy-in for mobility projects, managing change and aligning different technology providers all received very similar response rates.

The list of the top 10 investment priorities for enterprise mobile solutions in 2014 are as follows:

1. Mobile Applications (62.5%)
2. MDM (33.9%)
3. Mobile & Enterprise Security (33.9%)
4. Cloud Computing (32.1%)
5. Mobile Application Management (30.4%)
6. Consumer Mobile Devices (26.8%)
7. Rugged Mobile Devices (21.4%)
8. Mobile BI/Analytics (19.6%)
9. Field Service Automation (16.1%)
10. Enterprise Resource Planning (16.1%)

To view these research findings in their entirety, plus much more additional analysis of the mobility market over 2014 and moving into the 2015, you can download a complimentary copy of our annual report, The Global State of Enterprise Mobility 2014/15.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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