Unified Communications Solutions Help Mobile Employees Collaborate

Unify, a leading communications software and services firm, has announced today that Everything Voice, a specialist unified communications service provider, has deployed its Circuit solution to drive collaboration and flexibility into its business.

Unify's Circuit will enable Everything Voice to deliver seamless voice and video calling, presence and instant messaging, as well as a wide variety of mobility features to its employees, all from within a single solution.

As a small business established in 20111, many of Everything Voice's employees are mobile, 'anywhere workers'. That means they will often find themselves working while travelling, remotely from a client's office, or even at home. This has helped their team to build up an extensive knowledge base of projects, but has also developed many siloed working practices.

As a result, any of Everything Voices' team may be working on the same project simultaneously, in separate applications and documents, with little time to connect or collaborate effectively. Everything Voice shares Unify's vision for a 'new way to work' and recognised that it has needed to make a change to drive better, more connected communication and collaboration into its business, to continue to be able to deliver for its clients. Unify's Circuit has been selected as the solution to help achieve this.

"By adopting Circuit, Everything Voice has achieved its goal of driving better, more connected communication and knowledge sharing into the business" said Neil Hutchinson, Director of Business Development at Everything Voice. "Circuit has also delivered increased flexibility and agility to our workforce, enabling them to find and execute new ways of working that has improved their work/life integration. Every day we are finding new ways of using this technology to deliver better results for our clients."

Circuit will enable Everything Voice's team to communicate and collaborate with each other and clients seamlessly. The platform will provide mobile collaboration and communication, bringing together high-quality voice, video, real-time document editing and management, messaging and file sharing into a single view, across entire teams.

Everything Voice's employees will be able to interact with each other using their phones, laptops, desktops or tablets. This freedom across device and location will allow employees to work smarter, thus driving agility into the business. Circuit will also let Everything Voice to share all of this information and free-flowing data securely, making it an ideal tool for collaboration, no matter where its employees are.

"Circuit has been developed with the 'anywhere worker' in mind, and it takes into account the way people want to work," said Diane Salvatora, Senior Vice President, Circuit at Unify. "Everything Voice's experience with Circuit has been echoed in the feedback we're constantly receiving from our customer base. It's offering a compelling solution through which employees can seamlessly connect, in real-time, to drive collaboration and better communication into their companies."