MCM Solution Brings Total Control, Security to Enterprise Content

Mike McEnaney

Mobile Content Management company Colligo, has announced the full availability of Colligo Engage 2016, a mobile content management platform for every worker to access and contribute to corporate information in any content store, on any device, from any location. The complete Colligo Engage 2016 platform consists of the Colligo Engage Email application suite, the Colligo Engage Mobile application suite, and the Colligo Engage Complete package.

“IT leaders face new enterprise mobility challenges every day,” says Barry Jinks, Colligo CEO. “The pressure to support a constantly evolving technology landscape while preserving security threatens enterprise IT content management success. With the new Microsoft Azure-based Colligo Console, IT leaders regain control: they can govern their data, ensure policy-based compliance, and achieve unparalleled visibility into mobile content activity. End users get to work the way they want to work, with easy-to-use, convenient content management on the device, browser, or email client of their choice.”

Colligo Engage 2016 enables collaborative enterprises to maximize utilization of key IT resources, in particular document stores like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Featured in Colligo Engage 2016 are Colligo Email Manager, Colligo Briefcase, and Colligo Console:

• Colligo Email Manager offers fully integrated email management for SharePoint, automating classification and control of email records, and bringing SharePoint metadata-tagging capability to email clients. Users can view, tag, and file emails and attachments with easy, drag-and-drop functionality in SharePoint, all from within a Microsoft Outlook email client. (Support for iOS arrives this fall.)

• Colligo Briefcase extends content management to the mobile enterprise, and improves compliance with information management policies. The Colligo Briefcase applications deliver SharePoint access to mobile devices, whether end users are connected or offline. Colligo Briefcase is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

• Colligo Console is the backbone of the Colligo Engage architecture. Colligo Console runs in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, and supports the entire Colligo Engage family of applications. The Colligo Console enables easy user onboarding, secure policy deployment and compliance, and industry-best analytics reporting, all across multiple supported client devices and operating systems.

"Colligo momentum is building as collaborative enterprises demand content management as a service," says Brian Craddock, Colligo Chief Revenue Officer." In the past year, we've seen customer adoption accelerate dramatically: Colligo subscription revenue grew three-fold in 2015, and more than 85 percent of our bookings now generate recurring revenue."

With this release, Colligo claims they are changing the way enterprise IT leaders trial new software…by doing away with the trial entirely: The entire Colligo Engage 2016 platform – with full functionality – is now offered free in a five-seat enterprise license bundle. 

“Common mobile architectures, sophisticated policies, and flexible workflows will determine the shift to strategic mobility,” notes Chris Marsh, Enterprise Mobility Research Director for 451 Research. “Today’s enterprise IT leader must provide governance with new stacks, technologies, and workflow requirements.”

“For enterprise IT leaders, content security is key,” says Dan Mills, Colligo CTO. “The Colligo Engage 2016 platform utilizes its architecture to keep control information (delivered via the Colligo Console) separate from content. Information from repositories is encrypted in transit, and at rest on user mobile devices. Those mobile devices connect directly to the content repositories, with no intermediate hub getting in the way. The Colligo Console logs content and user activity, but doesn’t actually move the content itself.”