Constant Connectivity: The Wi-Fi And Infrastructure Transformation

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Wireless Internet connectivity seems to be all around us, but when it’s not, frustration ensues. Anytime, anywhere access has become an expectation, no longer a privilege.

In order to implement Wi-Fi, organizations – whether public or private, corporate or education-based – must deal with a number of factors. Removing legacy systems, finding funds to for new infrastructure, and securing numerous access points are just some of the puzzle pieces for such a large digital transformation.

In doing so, enterprises need to be agile in the move, go deep on best practices in creating the change, and possibly bring in third party assistance to complete the task.

In the October Market Report, you’ll learn:

  • Challenges behind large-scale Wi-Fi infrastructure deployments
  • Cost benefit of cords and cables versus wireless
  • Obstacles faced after Wi-Fi deployment