Enterprise Mobility Developments Encourage More Flexible Device Management Across Major Operating Systems

This week, SOTI Inc., a leading provider of BYOD and EMM solutions, announced the availability of SOTI MobiControl 12.3.

This solution will provide deep device and end-point management, not just across mobile phones and tablets, but also connected peripherals such as ATMs, POS systems, elevators and wearable technologies.

Solutions of this nature will become more necessary, as Enterprise Mobility continues to evolve, and the definition of devices that fall under the ability to be managed from a central console grows concurrently.

SOTI MobiControl 12.3 is designed to provide greater device management flexibility across major operating systems. Reportedly, 64% of SOTI's 15,000 global enterprise customers depend on a mixed OS environment. Therefore, MobiControl 12.3 will help address this challenge with the introduction of same-day support for Windows 10, as well as the integration of Apple's Volume Purchasing Program and additional updates to Android for Work.

Additionally, in-line with Microsoft's goal of converting a billion devices to its latest Windows 10 operating system, SOTI will be able to align all operating systems across all devices, eliminating the need for multiple management systems across multiple device types or platforms.

The potential benefits of SOTI MobiControl 12.3 for businesses deploying Windows 10 include packaged software and data deployments, enterprise file sync, location-based services, data collection and more.

"We are further enabling the management of all form factors, important criteria that must be considered for all businesses building out their mobility strategy," said Carl Rodrigues, CEO of SOIT. "The ability to manage connected objects gives us the opportunity to go deeper than just device management. SOTI MobiControl 12.3 brings all of a business' connected devices into the mix and can boost device security and employee productivity."

In addition to the Windows 10 support, SOTI MobiControl 12.3 also offers improved support for Apple's Volume Purchasing Program, which will allow organisations to purchase bulk app licenses and distribute these licenses to end user devices.

This will makes any business app delivered to employees fully transferable, and provide an efficient method for distributing paid and free App Store and Custom B2B apps to end users.

The improvements made to support Android for Work will give workers even better access to enterprise-level applications through their devices. The introduction of support for private apps and advanced policy enforcement ensures that data and apps are consistently secured and managed by the administrator.

SOTI's goals are centred on broader EMM integration, including IoT-enabled devices and support for the ever-expanding impact of mobility on the business needs of our customers.