5 Strategic Enterprise Mobility New Year's Resolutions to Start 2015 with a Bang

Friday, January 2, 2015.

A New Year is once again upon us, and everyone will surely have their 2015 plans firmly in place by now. Business strategies have been decided upon, expectations are high and excitement is building for what the next 12 months in Enterprise Mobility will bring.

Following New Year's Eve, as people are tuning back into 'work mode' and returning to their responsibilities following some much needed time with their families, we have put together five suggestions for New Year's resolutions that can be taken on in January and carried out for an attempt at self improvement in 2015.

If you're following, or have executed some of these resolutions already, you should hopefully be on the right track to move forward with your strategic Enterprise Mobility initiatives.

1. Engage the business early - In order to reduce challenges and obstacles with implementation, ensure that strategic Enterprise Mobility initiatives are communicated and introduced to all lines of business as early as possible. Have a clear strategy finalised before projects are launched.

2. Have measured rollouts ã?? This will allow you to motivate employees towards your mobile strategy and remain focused on the business benefits for your enterprise. Start with small scale implementation, and involve the users at the earliest development stage possible to minimise problems.

3. Take significant dedicated efforts towards integration with legacy applications - This may seem easy, but is a huge challenge for the majority of organisations, and can be hazardous if not closely monitored and approached as a priority.

4. Manage change - Appropriate training for employees involved with mobility projects is absolutely essential, and change management initiatives should be in place to help ease the process of adoption. Mobile is just as much about the people as the technology, so ensure you're always aware of this.

5. Let experts run your mobility program, not IT - IT has often been seen as 'the bad guys' when it comes to mobility, but this isn't necessarily their fault. Enterprise mobility takes significant efforts and requires expert guidance from passionate individuals in order to succeed and deliver ROI.