The importance of providing frontline workers with the right tools

Enterprises should support frontline workers by ensuring they have the latest available technology and device support to perform customer-facing tasks

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IQPC Editorial Team

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As the face of a business, frontline workers are vital to ensuring an organization’s products and services work effectively and meet the demands of customers. However, as the first to interact with customers, frontline workers are often judged on their ability to carry out tasks, which can impact customer experience.

Whether their role is that of a call center operative, retail assistant or field engineer, frontline workers are the face of any enterprise. The technology at their disposal will help enterprises respond to the latest customer trends through the collection of relevant data, while also ensuing workers are carrying out their duties diligently and to the highest possible standard.

Technological advancements in mobile technology are transforming the way these key members of the workforce streamline workflows and improve productivity. For the many enterprises sending staff out into the field, the data they collect is uploaded to a central database, with transactions recorded via a smartphones or tablet. This data not only enables organizations to ensure their frontline workers have the all the information they require to carry out their jobs, but also that they are being monitored and managed effectively.

The huge amount of data collected by frontline workers also needs to be stored, accessed and secured on the devices at their disposal. Therefore, most organizations rely on a comprehensive and scalable solution to manage, monitor and secure business devices, with one reliable and proven solution being the adoption of unified endpoint management (UEM) tools.

These tools need to comply with the relevant industry regulations, support multiple operating systems and offer remote troubleshooting capabilities so that frontline workers are not left stranded when devices inevitably fail. It is also essential that frontline workers are unable to misuse business devices and that data breaches are avoided at all costs.

42Gears’ UEM meets enterprise mobility needs by encrypting data at rest and in motion. The platform also remotely wipes data off devices at end-of-life or when employees leave an enterprise. The UEM enables organizations to manage large technologically challenging projects such as the deployment of Android devices in bulk to frontline workers.

42Gears Mobility Systems can be utilized to preconfigure work-managed devices before they are shipped, so they can be rolled out to frontline workers right out of the box. The purchased devices are enrolled on the platform over-the-air, meaning frontline workers receive immediate access to their work apps and data upon signing in.

As an official Android Enterprise Zero Touch Enrollment EMM Partner, 42Gears, through its UEM, also enables customers to set compliance policies and manage apps on their devices.