UK Could Lead a Global Rise in Mobile Device Management

Recent research by MicroMarket Monitor has identified the UK as a leading presence in the mobile device management (MDM) market, with expected growth from almost £37million in 2013 to around £142million by 2019.

The research claims that the UK will experience some of the most significant growth within the market; as the global value of MDM solutions is set to almost quadruple from the 2013 figure by 2019, from $1.032 billion to $4.008 billion.

The magnitude of adoption of MDM solutions in the UK will be responsible for this proliferation, alongside countries such as Germany and Spain.

MicroMarket Monitor explains, "Consumerisation of IT is one of the factors driving the UK market. In the UK, employees are increasingly using mobile devices for work purposes. High consumption of IT and the easy availability of mobile devices have created this trend of using IT for work and personal purposes. The employees can easily access corporate data on any devices, which raises the security concerns, thereby creating a need for MDM solutions. These solutions mitigate the security issues for the organisation, thereby preventing loss of any data."

This forecast of global adoption will be driven by an increase in the usage of mobile devices for corporate work.

"In the past decades, there has been an incredible growth in the number of mobile users across the globe. The number of employees bringing their own mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets to organisation has also increased. This has made the work flexible as employees from anywhere can now access the business information from their mobile devices.

"But, the usage of such mobile devices poses a threat to corporate data. It is therefore essential for the software companies to provide employees with a secured access to corporate data through one's mobile devices, and also prevents the misuse."

It will be interesting to see how these projections play out over the next year or so, with many analysts and mobile experts identifying a significant shift in emphasis away from managing mobile devices in the enterprise, to managing the applications and content which the devices interact with first and foremost.

It is possible that the UK and the rest of Europe may experience similar adjustments as enterprises in the US, as the number of mobile devices utilised by each employee is growing, meaning applications must be more flexible across a multitude of form factors and operating systems. If this is the case, the market for MDM solutions may need to adjust accordingly as well.

Friday, February 13, 2015.