Enterprise Mobility In Healthcare Needs Innovation, Collaboration

Mobile technology in healthcare is not only cutting costs and creating better patient experiences, but it’s saving lives.

Day two of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Healthcare event in San Antonio, Texas, was filled with forward-looking vision and innovation across all of the industry’s verticals, including insurance carriers, hospital networks, and pharmaceutical industries.

The day was started by Dr. Sunil Budhrani, who was able to explain the advantages and benefits of telehealth practices, seeing as he’s both a medical doctor and Chief Medical Informatics Officer for Innovation Health. Budhrani described why telehealth is growing rapidly amongst the “millennial” community, as research shows great disparities between in-person visits for the Baby Boomer generation and those currently entering the workforce.

Telehealth may be the impetus for bringing together all aspects of enterprise mobility into one space to better serve clinicians and their patients, as it requires new hardware, low-latency Internet connections – either LAN or WiFI – IoT, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. It wraps various verticals into a single use that drives quicker and more efficient outcomes for doctors and nurses.

Much like day one of the Exchange, the variations in speaker sessions and their particular spaces further engaged the audience and brought about vivid discussion and discourse between the audience and IT executives sharing information.

Kari Escobedo, Kaiser Permanente’s Executive Director for Enterprise Services & Digital Transformation, explained how the unique payer and hospital combination system must both work in a church and state mindset while implementing new technological initiatives, but also must collaborate across the board for a cohesive approach to deployments.

What makes Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s events unique is bringing together c-level and IT executives from across the country to share information and learn from one another in a closed-door setting.

Following Escobedo’s presentation, gears shifted across the country to David Tsay, Associate Chief Innovation Officer for New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Innovation Center; much like Budhrani, Tsay has a degree in medicine but currently operates on the IT side of the house. Tsay explained NYP’s focus on “Faster diagnosis, better outcomes, and lower cost,” and how that’s being done through the implementation of groundbreaking technology.

Tsay showed the audience that his organization’s current goals are two-fold: Managing disruption while driving productivity. In doing so, NYP’s Express Care technology has realized a reduction in wait times from 2.4 hours to just 31 minutes. The institution is also the first in New York City to offer virtual urgent care and follow-up care through a mobile application that has an average eight-to-10 minute wait time.

The event wasn’t just about end users showcasing and highlighting their institutions. Solution providers who sponsored the event were also onsite for two days, networking with and learning from the audience while engaging them in thought-provoking Think Tank Sessions. IBM MaaS360, MobileIron, and Verizon all facilitated their own 30-minute sessions. Lenovo and Hypori were also sponsors of the event.

Rebecca Wynn, CISO of Matrix Medical, closed out the event with a keynote speech taking a look at the mobile technology in healthcare horizon and what impacts can be expected in 2018. Wynn focused on each piece of technology needing ingrained security, and emphasized a culture for entire enterprises – from the boardroom to the mailroom – to be on the same page and collaborating in the name of digital transformation.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s next event, Security East, will focus specifically on mobile security in the enterprise during a two-day session in Miami from October 10 to 11. Attending the event will be c-level executives from the government, financial services, higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Dozens of delegates and onsite solution providers will gather to network, benchmark, share challenges and best practices. To find out more about the event, go the website here