Embracing Mobile First Strategy With Eye On Security

Mike McEnaney

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and management consulting and technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton have announced a new partnership and the launch of a mobile security assessment offering to help enterprises address gaps in mobile security and implement a mobile first business strategy that is fully-integrated into an organization’s operations. Built on Samsung’s leadership in mobile security and Booz Allen Hamilton’s expertise in cybersecurity, this partnership will help organizations achieve the right balance of mobile security and risk tolerance that enables innovation.

Samsung Business Services, a division of Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Booz Allen Hamilton have jointly developed a powerful mobile security assessment offering to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities and their impact on a client’s unique mobile infrastructure. Armed with these insights and actionable recommendations, enterprise clients in security-critical industries such as finance, healthcare, retail and more can embrace a mobile-first strategy and increase productivity, streamline efficiencies, enhance the client experience and reduce costs with a stronger cybersecurity posture.

“The ubiquity of mobile devices today means that businesses of all sizes can make significant gains in business outcomes, but many struggle with deploying enterprise-grade security to adequately protect their critical IT systems,” said Sam Phillips, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Samsung Business Services. “Businesses today want simple solutions for complex challenges. With Samsung’s deep experience in enterprise mobility and security expertise, we are giving enterprises the best intelligence and tailored security tools they need to capitalize on the opportunity of the mobile enterprise.”

As part of this new partnership, Samsung and Booz Allen Hamilton will provide clients with:

• A two-day mobile security workshop – Samsung and Booz Allen Hamilton will conduct a two day on-site assessment of each organization’s security framework, including mobile device management implementation, log and control settings, mobile application development strategy, mobile portal and more.

• A comprehensive security assessment – Samsung and Booz Allen Hamilton have jointly developed a new mobile security assessment model based on well recognized U.S. and international security standards.

• Actionable mobile security recommendations – Samsung and Booz Allen Hamilton will deliver an actionable plan with mobile security recommendations tailored to each client’s unique needs and aligned to their industry and risk tolerance.

Instead of solely focusing on security adherence, this unique offering is built around the long-term mobile requirements of an organization and uses a holistic assessment to strike the right balance of mobile security and risk tolerance. Through this tailored offering, organizations can secure critical IT networks while unleashing the power of mobile to achieve business outcomes.

“Security, especially mobile security enables businesses to be more nimble and flexible for their clients and employees. This new mobile security framework creates the opportunity for holistic innovation and measurable risk reduction, well beyond the tactical, incremental gains most businesses are chasing today,” said Todd Inskeep, Principal, Commercial High Tech, Manufacturing and Retail, Booz Allen Hamilton. “We are providing clients with innovative ways to engage their business partners through mobile, and increase their value internally. We still see too many mobile issues that can be avoided by using this new framework to think comprehensively about mobile security."