The Insider’s Secrets To A Better Mobility Program: What You Should Know

Finding The Right Enterprise-Wide Strategy For Mobile Devices

Steven Lerner

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Creating an enterprise mobility program that meets the unique needs of an organization can be tricky. IT, finance, marketing, HR and other departments each have specific requirements and requests for their mobility needs and the challenges are enough to keep the most experienced IT executive up at night. 

From managing the data costs to ensuring the devices come preloaded with the required apps and security functions, the demands are vast. Many enterprises enroll in a carrier's unlimited data plan with intention that it is the most cost effective option, but it turns out that an enterprise might be paying for more data than what it actually needed. One study found that choosing an unlimited plan costs 40% more than what a company could save with a customized solution. The tier-one carriers want you to believe that there are big challenges when it comes to implementing and maintaining an enterprise mobility program that works throughout your organization to benefit everyone. In reality, there are some simple things you can do, or demand that you get from your program, that will change the game.

Moving beyond what we think we know, there are some obvious areas to consider when looking for the right enterprise-wide strategy with your mobile devices, but how to tackle them maybe be a secret:

  1. Optimization and Savings
  2. Automation
  3. Deployment Best Practices

This report provides an overview of the many challenges faced by executives charged with managing their mobility programs, the misconceptions on data usage and cost savings, and options for streamlining the management of these areas.

Download this report on creating a successful enterprise mobility program, and learn:

  • How cross-carrier plans achieve cost-savings
  • Why proactive monitoring of usage is essential to controlling costs
  • What to consider when evaluating an EMM or EMM-like solution