Getting A Grip On Costs And Challenges Of Mobile Devices

You Can’t Save What You Can’t See

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Esther Shein

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With the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, it would make sense for management and cost containment to be painless. However, there are numerous complications:

  • Dropped connections
  • Usage of unsecured networks
  • Access of unapproved apps
  • Auto logouts of necessary apps

These are just a handful of challenges that those overseeing mobile devices within their organizations are dealing with. Often times, these situations result in an increasing number of help tickets, taxing the IT department, and increasing costs. Throw in issues such as new combinations of devices and mobile OS releases, along with increased security threats, and it is no wonder that mobility costs can skyrocket.

We’ve partnered with NetMotion Software to author a report on how to minimize many of these issues, gain better visibility, and reduce costs. Included in this report are real-life use cases, such as:

  • How Allina Healthcare cut 90 help desk tickets for one issue down to zero, and increased the number of daily patients that nurses could see by 3-4
  • How AT&T was able to reduce mobile expenses by a staggering 43%

Featuring insights from:

  • Eric Klein, director of enterprise mobility and connected networks at VDC Research
  • Mark Bowker, senior analyst at ESG
  • Kevin Curran, a senior member of the IEEE and professor of cyber security at Ulster University

Download this report to learn how you can gain ROI from your mobile devices, create a better user experience, and lessen mobile frustration within your organization.