Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe 2014: Comments from the Chairman

Last week, at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe 2014, I was fortunate enough to catch up with the Chairman of the event, Mike Spradbery, Mobile Business Leader, IBM UK & Ireland.

Mike, who was a hit among delegates, sponsors, and staff alike at the Exchange, shared with me the three themes which he believed had emerged from the variety of sessions and discussions over the course of the event.

A focus on mobile in the context of enterprise architecture

This included, but was not limited to: integration, security, service layer, APIs and process management.

A focus on devices

Whether it was bring your own, corporate owned or ruggedized, and finding out which are the best fit for both the organisation and the employees.

However, there was no real direction agreed upon, or resounding conclusions made, regarding MDM solutions, despite this serving as a prominent discussion point in past years.

A focus on innovative concepts in the presentations, whilst still being grounded in the importance of services and back-end infrastructure

The most obvious example of this would be the presentation given by Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant and Enterprise Architect for Alliander. Michele touched on what true innovation of mobile technologies could achieve, leveraging the Internet of Everything to turn the user into a device themselves, through concepts such as, "biohackables, augmentables, enchantables, surroundables, swallowables, wearables." This session, which headlined the second day of the Exchange, generated a huge amount of buzz among the audience, and certainly raised some fascinating ideas for the future.

Throughout the interactive and dynamic networking sessions, it also became apparent that delegates were finding it almost equally as valuable to talk to, and learn from each other, as it was to attend the presentations and bespoke business meetings.

To support this, the final session of the event allowed practitioners the opportunity to share successes, failures and other experiences related to three specific challenges of Enterprise Mobility.

From this, it became apparent that a change has occurred, and because of the emergence of "the mobile employee", it is now the hardware driving development of solutions, as well as transformation of business processes, organisational culture and infrastructures, rather than the software. This seems to be concurrent with Mike's observation regarding the prevalence of mobile devices.

The Chairman summarised his time at the event by reflecting, "In my view, if you donã't have a flexible architecture for mobility, you don't have a mobile strategy", rounding off another successful year for Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe.

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