Are You a Mobile-First Organisation?

Niamh Madigan

Mobile First is a mind-set embraced by organisations that want to leverage mobile in all ways possible to run, grow and transform their business.

When mobile-first organisations look to design new applications, they always consider the mobile experience first. This helps developers prioritise what's most essential to include and ensures that mobile users have a great experience. Furthermore mobile-first organisations are not afraid to let end-users conceive of new ideas and apps that will leverage mobile for greater efficiency or customer satisfaction.

In a mobile organisation, new mobile initiatives are not centralised within the IT department as in the old days of ERP and CRM implementations. Rather, a or Workday-type model takes hold, where different areas of the business take more control in deciding what their requirements are, possibly even specifying or prototyping the front-end functionality of the application, while the IT department acts as an enabler, providing the infrastructure, tools, security checkpoints, and analytics that will support future-proofing, storage, scaling, user access and management of the organisations complete family of mobile application assets.

With this model, all areas of the business are free to generate ideas for the mobile apps that they need to impact business processes, decide what devices these applications need to run on, and who their target audience will be. Then the business relies on the IT department to support them by providing the tools, guidelines and infrastructure, ensuring that applications and users are managed across the whole organization and that sensitive corporate data is protected.

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Do you work in a mobile-first organisation? Ask yourself these key questions.
  1. Does your company embrace a device- and OS-agnostic approach supporting BYOD where it makes sense, and is the IT team open to the best app approach for the job, be it native, HTML5, hybrid or web apps?
  2. Does it encourage business managers and employees to conceive apps that transform or re-invent business processes rather than relying on IT to dictate app initiatives?
  3. Does it foster experimentation and learning, to better understand what works and what doesn't with devices and apps?
  4. Does it involve IT as an enabler and not a controller of mobile app development, deployment and management?
  5. Do business managers collaborate with IT to determine the tools and guidelines for secure connectivity to backend systems so that sensitive corporate data is not breached?
  6. Does it offer the flexibility for IT to deploy code and services to their cloud of choice, not confining the organisation to a specific cloud configuration or vendor?