Absolute Software to Use Google Maps to Improve Global Geolocation Tracking

Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Google Maps will be used to enhance Absolute Software's Computrace solution, to deliver more accurate global geolocation tracking, which will be a significant benefit for their enterprise customers.

Absolute Software Corporation, an industry leader for persistent endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, today announced that it will be improving its products by integrating Google Maps geolocation API into its device tracking solution, Absolute Computrace.

This partnership will provide Absolute customers with improved global coverage and more accurate geolocations for all the hardware within their remit.

The global geolocation tracking services provided by Absolute Computrace include recent and historical location information for a device, along with the ability to build geofences to contain devices within a specific geographical area. If a device goes beyond the bounds of a geofence, IT is alerted so they can investigate and determine if the device and the data it contains has been compromised or is at risk.

"The location of a device is an important factor in assessing the risk of a data loss event and measuring compliance with corporate policies. The accuracy of the geolocation data we present in our products is critical to our customers," said Bill Gordon, VP of Engineering and Development for Absolute Software.

"Our customers rely on our solutions to provide timely and accurate information regarding the health and safety of their endpoints and the data they contain," said Geoff Haydon, CEO at Absolute Software. "Google Maps will ensure we are delivering the most accurate results, from every device, for all of our customers worldwide."

Absolute Software have extensive experience in helping organisations securely manage mobile devices and protect corporate data, addressing one of the most pressingt challenges for enterprises today, and are placed on Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management.