Leading Consumer Mobile Apps Set an Example for Enterprises with Innovative Collaboration

An interesting partnership has been announced today between local search and discovery app Foursquare, and Button, a pioneer in mobile deep linking, which will allow consumers to book an Uber taxi directly from the Foursquare app.

This collaboration between Foursquare and Uber will be powered by Button, marking its first expansion into markets outside of the US, as well as its launch on the Android platform.

"Button's platform is the best in the world at building cross-app connections that drive mobile commerce," said Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO, Button. "Our goal of facilitating partnerships and enabling intelligent app-to-app connections is resonating, and has given us the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative mobile companies in the world including Uber and Foursquare. Button's technology is shaping the future of mobile commerce."

When a Foursquare user has indicated interest in going to a place they have searched for, Button's DeepLink Commerce platform will intelligently surface an Uber button, allowing them to order an Uber taxi to their destination in a few simple steps.

Button's technology will automatically pull information from the Foursquare app, and deep links this content into Uber, sending data seamlessly from one app experience to another. This proprietary technology will enable consumers to discover and re-engage with convenient mobile apps that they use regularly through the simple touch of a button, in a manner that further augments their mobile experiences.

"Using Button simplified the process of integrating Uber into Foursquare. With a few lines of code, we were able to create a seamless experience when requesting an Uber built directly into our app, saving us time and effort," said Noah Weiss, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Foursquare.

Button provides the simplified tools for developers to get their apps up and running with deep linking, and provides a platform for enabling partnerships. Advertising in mobile isn't inspiring, but Button seeks to build experiences that are. The Button platform not only drives revenue, but apps see higher engagement when Button is implemented.

Button is working with some of the most innovative companies in the mobile commerce industry, and the company's focus on intelligently driving app-to-app commerce has led to its explosive growth in the past year. Button is leading the industry creating excellent user experiences by offering relevant mobile commerce connections at the precise time and place where they are needed.

This kind of unique and interactive feature between similar contextually-relevant apps is an innovation which could stimulate higher levels of adoption and new use cases for mobile apps within the enterprise setting if leveraged intelligently.

Organisations could make improvements to their existing apps and unify specific workflows by utilising technology of this nature within their app development, making it easier and more engaging for employees to carry out important tasks across several mobile apps.