Top 10 from November: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 11/27/2014
Top 10 from November: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

This month you can take in a seclection of highly valuable video interviews and presentations from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, including insight from IBM and Microsoft. We also have a short summary of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, APAC event, both of which took place at the end of October.

In addition to this, you can access complimentary webinars and whitepapers, as well as learn what trends are currently having an influence on the market. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Taking a Containerised Approach to Bring Your Own Device for Enterprise Mobility Management

This exclusive complimentary whitepaper provides an overview of containerisation, an approach to mobility which mitigates the challenges of data protection and security by allowing IT to manage isolated ‘islands’ within authorised users’ personal devices. As a result, enterprise assets are protected, and smartphones and tablets are left free for personal use as their owners see fit.

2. The Partnership Between IBM and Apple Takes Centre Stage at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas

In this gripping Opening Keynote Address from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas in October, the strategic partnership between IBM and Apple is discussed in detail with the audience by Fred Balboni, Global Managing Partner, Strategy and Analytics IBM Global Business Services.

3. Data Security: Preparing for the Compliance Landscape of Tomorrow

This on-demand webinar will prepare CISOs and IT professionals today, to manage tomorrow’s compliance landscape – including a focus on latest amendments of the draft EU General Data Protection Legislation and what this means in reality for businesses. This presentation provides an ideal opportunity to hear expert legal guidance about how to prepare for the worst before it happens, as well as learn about the technology that can help mitigate this risk.

4. Improving Field Operations and Mobile Resource Management

When you take a holistic approach to field operations, you need to think about strategic and tactical planning. It is then all about what you do with operational data in terms of analysis and reporting. A Geographic Information System, when deployed correctly, can help businesses improve by bringing it all together to measure performance and streamline key processes.

5. Focusing on "Good Design" to Deliver the Ultimate Mobile User Experience

The mobile user experience is now critical for improving sales, according to 74% of enterprises. To support this, 62% of customers make future purchases relying on previous user experiences, which is no surprise when the average customer spends 127 minutes in a day on mobile application, explains Jeff Wallace, Head of Mobility Practice and Business Leader, Brillio.

6. The Internet of Things: Realities Today and Opportunities Ahead

This discussion panel from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, addresses the questions of how the Internet of Things and the Machine-to-Machine markets are currently evolving, as well as examining the issues surrounding these innovative technologies.

7. Mobile Technology in Banking and Finance

App-based banking is one of the fastest growing channels in the financial services sector, which is unsurprising when taking into consideration that applications are the top area of investment in mobility for organisations globally. This article highlights some of the areas in which mobility is having an impact on banking and finance.

8. Preparing Enterprise Infrastructures for the Onslaught of Mobile Devices and Applications

In this video interview from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, Rob Tiffany, Global Technology Lead for IoT and Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft shares his views on how security is still the thing keeping CIOs awake at night, and is a non-stop concern. Many CIOs are afraid that mobile devices are the weakest link in the security chain, and may be opening the door to security problems with policies like BYOD and similar mobility initiatives.

9. Regional Focus: Accenture's View from... Japan

This article by Masahiko Niwa, Japan Country Lead for Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital explains how Japanese businesses are beginning to realise the real potential of digital technologies such as mobility and analytics, and industrial manufacturing worldwide is changing thanks to technology enabling and encouraging innovative businesses to offer digital services, alongside their traditional product offerings.

10. Enterprise Mobility Exchange, APAC, 2014: Event Summary

Read the top 10 take-away points from each of our two Chairmen: Trent Mayberry, Managing Director of Accenture Mobility, APAC and David Lee Heyman, IBM MobileFirst Platform Sales Leader, ASEAN, to learn more about how the Exchange explored ways for businesses in APAC to take advantage of Enterprise Mobility.

Thank you, for your interest in Top 10 from November: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review.
Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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