Digital Transformation is Not Just About the Systems, it's About the People

IT divisions must support their companies when dealing with digital transformation, by supplying highly capable and progressive information systems, according to Marco DaccIJ, IT Director for Telecom Italia.

Speaking to us at this yearã??s Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe, Marco explained how the impact of mobility on Telecom Italia has caused the organisation to adjust its position in the market from a traditional incumbent service provider, to gain a new role with next-generation services outside the typical telecoms segment.

Marco also discussed the two projects which are currently the highest priorities within his role, and gave advice for how how businesses can approach leveraging the internet of things in the enterprise in the midst of large-scale legacy systems, resistance to cultural change, and other challenging factors.

Additionally, Marco offered his thoughts on mobility trends which will gain momentum in the coming years, such as wearable devices, augmented reality solutions, plus much more.