Mobile Data Solutions Could Transform Patient Care in mHealth

Parallel 6, a leading provider of enterprise mobile engagement and management solutions, and Sentrian, a Remote Patient Intelligence company working to eliminate preventable hospitalisation, have been announced as technology partners.

Parallel 6's Clinical Reach ReachLink Connector will send patient data securely from the palm of a patient's hand to Sentrian's remote patient monitoring platform (Sentrian RPI).

Parallel 6 will power Sentrian mobile apps to help care teams engage more closely with chronic disease patients, turning patient self-report data into another data input for the Sentrian analytics engine.

Clinical Reach is a HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end patient lifecycle management and engagement platform. Its ReachLink Connector is designed to securely collect large amounts of patient data in real-time via mobile, and send through to the Sentrian RPI platform, which will then securely serve both patients and care teams in multiple languages around the world.

"As we combine our solution with Sentrian's award winning RPI platform, our technology changes the way patients and healthcare providers evaluate their health," said Allan Camaisa, CEO of Parallel 6. "Our technologies are empowering people all over the world to securely communicate."

"We're always seeking to provide our care teams and patients with the most effective interaction tools and platforms," added Dean Sawyer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sentrian. "Together, we're helping improve patient outcomes, reduce avoidable costs and improve patient satisfaction for those dealing with complex chronic disease."

Sentrian aims to leverage the revolution in remote biosensors and machine learning to detect patient deterioration early, before it becomes acute, reducing preventable hospitalisations as a result.

Sentrian provides healthcare organisations with a cloud-based remote patient monitoring and analytics platform intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of care teams. The Sentrian platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare information systems and clinical workflows, nurturing adoption.