Mobile World Congress 2015 Midway Point: The Best of the Rest

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 03/03/2015
Mobile World Congress 2015 Midway Point: The Best of the Rest

As the third day of MWC winds down in Barcelona, there has been no yielding in the amount of innovative and impressive technologies released by the world's leading suppliers.

During a week in which so many important products are being launched, that may quite literally shape the future of the mobile industry, we've taken this opportunity to reflect on another five key announcements from Mobile World Congress thus far.

BlackBerry Leap

BlackBerry revealed a new smartphone, the BlackBerry Leap, which will abandon the traditional QWERTY keyboard in favour of a robust touch screen interface.

The device will run on BlackBerry 10 operating system, and boasts an extensive battery life as well as 16GB of storage. Additionally, and somewhat unsurprisingly, the device will be security-inclined, featuring encryption support, as well as built-in anti-malware protection and a backup wipe and restore function. This will be an encouraging launch for enterprise-focused users that are looking to address growing security concerns.

5G is on the Horizon

A keynote session focusing on 'The Road to 5G' presented the mobile community with some radical forward-thinking ideas, including input from operators, vendors and even a European Commissioner.

The message throughout all of the presentations was on the potential for 5G to improve people's lives, including life-saving mHealth advancements, autonomous transportation, and even time-saving, energy-reducing communications services. 5G will look to push the boundaries in terms of connection speed, lower latency, flexibility and sustainability in a secure network.

Silent Circle Unveils the World's First Enterprise Privacy Platform

Silent Circle unveiled the world's first enterprise privacy platform, which is comprised of an innovative combination of devices, software and services, based upon and built from a fundamentally different mobile architecture; ZRTP. It includes the launch of the Blackphone 2 and the world's first privacy focused tablet, Blackphone+.

The Blackphone 2 will offer enterprises unparalleled privacy, integrating seamlessly with existing MDM systems, as well as adding a faster processor, more RAM, a longer lasting battery, and a larger display than its predecessor. This device will inherently provide the levels of security that enterprises demand.

Fujitsu's Eye-Opening Security Feature

A fascinating announcement came in the form of a futuristic security measure for smartphones, with Fujitsu demonstrating a prototype of their new iris-scanning technology.

The scanner weighs less than 1 gram and can fit on top of a regular smartphone. It contains a miniature infrared LED light and a miniature infrared camera. The unique automated technology allows devices to be unlocked in less than a second by an authorised retina, with a reported error rate of 1 in 100,000.

"This device can be used to unlock applications and for cloud authentication," said Fujitsu's Takuya Kitamura. "Fujitsu is also working to make this an enterprise security solution, adding iris authentication to fingerprint and vein scanning."

SAP Accelerates the Internet of Things to Shape the Future of Business

SAP announced it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, in an attempt at accelerating and promoting the business use of the Internet of Things (IoT).

SAP helps customers implement practical business solutions with a wide variety of cloud-based IoT solutions that include the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution, SAP Connected Logistics software and SAP Manufacturing Execution application.

SAP solutions for IoT are powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, enabling enterprises to generate real-time insights from sensor data and advanced features, such as in-memory computing and geo-spatial functionality. In addition, SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers open APIs that allow third-party providers to develop IoT applications.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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