Mobility's Fastest Interview: Paul Coby, IT Director, John Lewis

Niamh Madigan
Posted: 07/25/2013

Twitter interview with Paul Coby, IT Director at John Lewis, 140 characters MAX per answer.


Enterprise Mobility (EME): How has mobile technology helped John Lewis achieve best in breed customer service, increased operational efficiency and productivity?

Paul Coby: Our strategy is omnichannel, it's about how you bring the channels together, how you serve customers seamlessly, between and across channels.

EME: What would you say has been your greatest achievement at John Lewis to date and why?

Paul: To put IT technology at the heart of our retail strategy, because retail in the UK has been turned upside down by the advent of online.

EME: What is your biggest challenge?

Paul: We've got a lot of legacy IT investment and in order to deliver an omnichannel strategy we have to join it all up which means replacing some

EME: What advice would you give to your fellow IT Directors, looking to engage senior executives across the business, for example, the Chief Marketing Officer?

Paul: If you want to engage people, get on their agenda. Don't dictate what they should have.

EME: What is the greatest challenge retailers face today, in delivering a true omnichannel experience, and what do you believe are the solutions?

Paul: I think working, innovating to see what possible solutions will be, and of course critically, listening to your customers.

EME: How important will technology be to John Lewis and other leading retailers over the next five years, with regards to increasing customer loyalty and share of wallet?

Paul: Value assortment, service and trust were the key values that we had before the 2nd World War and those are key values we have going forward.

EME: How have the recent innovations such as click and collect improved the shopper experience and the relationship with your customers?

Paul: People love click and collect, because it puts you in control. We've got the flexibility there and we love it, because you come to our shops.

EME: What do you think the solution for community enterprise mobility and beyond can do to help you address your challenges?

Paul: We have to listen to our customers, the best possible advice I can give any solution provider is to listen to what we say we want.

EME: Thanks Paul.

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Click here to read the extended interview with Paul Coby, IT Director, John Lewis

Niamh Madigan
Posted: 07/25/2013

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