Smart Glasses Become Even More Useful in the Workplace with Voice Recognition Technology

APX Labs, the developer of the Skylight software platform for wearable devices, will work with Nuance Communications, a leading provider of global voice and language solutions for businesses, to bring Nuance's voice recognition capabilities to Skylight R5, APX Labs' latest release of the enterprise software platform for smart glasses.

An intriguing announcement today has revealed that the two solution providers will work together to deliver a new dimension to enterprise-grade wearable devices, presenting even greater opportunities for hands-free task completion in a number of industries.

Skylight Voice will be powered by Nuance's embedded voice technology, creating the enhanced hands-free experience with on-screen content fully functional with or without network connectivity, and will support more than 25 languages.

Employees wearing many types of smart glasses running Skylight will be able to speak commands, access information and communicate with colleagues in a simple and natural way that will accelerate productivity and precision.

APX Labs estimates that one in five adults in the world work in hands-on jobs where there are use cases for wearable technology and voice interactions to significantly improve their capabilities, along with the quality and safety of their work. This aligns with forecasts for connected devices and wearables to proliferate in the workplace over the coming years.

"Nuance and APX Labs are reinventing the relationship between people and the tools they use to work," said Brian Ballard, CEO and Co-Founder, APX Labs. "By integrating Nuance's voice technology into Skylight, employees will be able to build, fix, move and operate things with real-time and hands-free access to mission-critical information."

Skylight's support for a variety of smart glasses and smartwatches will allow users to choose the most appropriate device for each job or task they must complete. Skylight's extensibility and flexibility will support integration with the leading enterprise back-end systems, to offer an advantageous wearable user experience.

"APX is creating an exciting market opportunity for wearables in the workplace," said Scott Taylor, Senior Vice President, Mobile Devices, Nuance. "With its specialised Skylight platform that now integrates Nuance's voice technology, smart glasses are transformed into a productivity solution that drives greater value, and in many cases greater safety."

For more information about how wearable technology and the internet of things is transforming the enterprise, you can also hear Edward English, Chief Product Officer of APX Labs speaking on the topic at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas.