The 2015 Enterprise Mobility Exchange Second Quarter Recap

The last three months have, somewhat unsurprisingly gone past in a flash, and we are now well and truly into the second half of 2015.

From our perspective at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, plenty has already happened so far this year, giving us a great deal of exciting talking points to recap in our quarterly review.


As usual, the technology community was anticipating Q2 largely because both Apple and Google like to use these months to host their annual developer events, known as the WWDC and I/O, respectively. Although these events are usually more fruitful for consumer followers, there are usually one or two announcements which give enterprise-focused audiences something to look forward to.

A mobility event slightly closer to home, both in a metaphorical and geographical sense, which took place in Q2 was the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe in the Netherlands. Running in its fifth consecutive year, the successful meeting of around 90 senior-level enterprise IT and mobile decision makers featured renowned speakers such as Marco Dacco of Telecom Italia, and Dan Bieler of Forrester Research.

Focusing on the market developments which have been taking shape in recent months, we took a look into the ruggedised technology space, and a number of recent acquisitions which have caused some consolidation for enterprises to be aware of. There were also some interesting announcements focused on information security, and future trends in mobility as well.


Our focus for April was centred on the area of enterprise mobility management, in the form of an exclusive market report entitled Exploring the Need for Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions: What Does EMM Really Mean?

Additionally, April delivered some fantastic insight with two unique contributions from leading US-based Chief Information Officers. Firstly, Jim Degliumberto of Southeastrans explored the lessons he has learned from experience with mobility projects to help his career progress, and prosper in the role of a CIO surrounded by such technology.

Additionally, Mark Crandall of Consulate Healthcare offered an exclusive "week in the life" account of his role as a CIO and what it requires to successfully manage mobility deployments in a large organisation.


The somewhat futuristic IoT took centre stage in May, with a report which looked into the enterprise use cases and potential benefits of implementing connected devices similar technologies as the market develops over the coming years.

Another report released in May was titled, Enterprise Mobility Simplified: Create a Rapid and Effective Mobile App Strategy, which presented suggestions for efficient solutions which can be used to simplify the deployment and management of mobile apps.

Furthermore, an in-depth article from Paige Francis of Fairfield University allowed us to understand how IT has evolved to make mobility a key component of a modern CIO's role.


Moving into June, the emphasis shifted slightly, from CIOs to influential industry analysts. We were fortunate enough to hear from Tony Rizzo of Blue Hill Research, and learn his thoughts on how the current vendor landscape for EMM solutions can be somewhat misleading for IT decision makers.

Eric Klein and Matthew Hopkins of VDC Research co-authored a detailed overview of the seven key phases of mobile application lifecycle management for enterprises.

June also featured a market report which focused on building and successfully running Mobile Centres of Excellence for organisations looking to add consistency and direction to their mobility strategies.

Finally, as Q2 drew to a close, the UK's renowned Wimbledon Tennis tournament kicked off, which prompted an overview of how the globally recognised event is leveraging technology such as big data and social media, alongside partners IBM.

Looking Ahead

Q3 promises to offer even more for our readers and audiences to look forward to, as the first ever Enterprise Mobility Exchange, UK event will be taking place in September.

We will also have a host of new market reports, more analyst insights and industry developments to help drive the discussion around Enterprise Mobility forward throughout the rest of the year.